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Ziad K Abdelnour – Do We Really Need to Reduce US Debt?

A question I have been pondering for some time now …. out of which I came to the conclusion that under the current global financial regime, it’s patently impossible and probably undesirable to actually reduce the US national debt.

In fact, anyone who tells you otherwise has very little understanding of global finance and is operating under a delusionally gross mischaracterization of government debt. The current financial system treats it like a completely different asset class than traditional loans.

The US national debt would only foreseeably be reduced if the entire global economic paradigm underwent a tectonic shift due to new technology, and it would have to be something along the lines of universally cheap energy, energy-matter conversion, interstellar FTL travel, or teleportation…..more

Ziad K Abdelnour President CEO of Blackhawk Partners