Becoming The Master “Mover And Shaker” You Want To Be

Build your network before you need it. I crack up at the people who come to me for advice on how to build a “master network” because they need a job now, I tell them it’s useless. People can tell the difference between desperation and an earnest attempt to create a relationship. Bottom Line: Anticipate the worst, keep building the right relationship from the start and then strike when needed. Any other exercise is just an exercise in futility.

Be a real interesting “Renaissance “ man . I am fully aware of the fact that perception drives reality and that we are all, in some sense, “brands”. But the cornerstone of my philosophy is really content. Being known is one thing, but being known for content is something else entirely — and much better. You have to have something to say to be interesting to people. If not, there is nothing that really differentiates you from the crowd. Once your pitch is perfected, getting attention is never a problem. Journalists are powerful (the right exposure can make a company), needy (they’re always looking for a story), and relatively unknown (few have achieved enough celebrity to make them inaccessible)…Fame sells.

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