“Economic Warfare” is a Revolution at the Right Time

“The words that come to mind after reading this book are courage and truth. The question is, do you have the courage to hear the truth? Economic Warfare rips the lid off the story of the century- that our country has been embezzled and defrauded by a cabal of Ivy League gangsters, greedy bankers, financial terrorists, and vulture capitalists. They managed to turn Wall Street and the banking system into a combination of the craps game, shell game, and Ponzi scheme- all set up for the benefit of the few (bankers), to be subsidized by the many (taxpayers). Bernanke, Rubin, Paulson, Summers- all the star swindlers are exposed in Economic Warfare. This is the book the bankers, hedge fund managers, and D.C. political insiders fear.”


Wayne Allyn Root

CEO, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author of Conscience of a Libertarian Former Vice-Presidential candidate and Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee


“Economic Warfare” is a revolution at the right time. This book is not just about exposing our complex financial culture but a true inspiration.”


Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Editor, OpenBeast – www.OpenBeast.com Author: Land of Opportunity Forever

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