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Our Investment criteria and Interests for 2016 and beyond

Dear Friends:


Following my joining the board of Elate Partners, www.elateinvest.com – a Chinese investment group backed by large institutional, strategic and wealthy individual investors from China – a lot of you have been asking me about the kind of deals Elate would be interested to invest in in partnership with Blackhawk.


Without further delays, here is the short list as per below


  •  Western Investment:
    • Hard asset-based deals that have “intrinsic values” of their own, for example mines, oil field, certain real estate;
    • Businesses with potential synergy with China;
    • Generally shy away from businesses that rely on services for revenue due to a lack of expertise
  • China Expansion:
  •  Technology-based and other businesses that could be transferred to China sometime in the future (regardless whether the US operation is kept intact or not);

For More: http://ziadabdelnourblackhawk.com/our-investment-criteria-and-interests-for-2016-and-beyond/

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The 10 Most Valuable Lessons I Have Learned Over My Career

I thought of sharing these nuggets of wisdom with all of our fans at Blackhawk hoping that one day it will make a difference in the lives of many.


I can only imagine how going up the corporate ladder or building one’s own company is challenging these days – and this to say the least.


Every time you hit a wall, it seems that you can do nothing right. But I just want you to understand that top performers don’t think like this. They take everything they go through (good and bad times) as a learning experience. From rejection and failures, you’ll only get better, the moment you choose to move on.


And this applies especially when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll face many roadblocks. But that is what you should aim for, because without it being uncomfortable, or as some say unfamiliar, you will never grow.


Just as all companies focus on growth, I’ve learned that the best asset to put effort in is my personal growth. Create your professional career in such a way that it is helping you grow the most.


For More: http://www.blackhawkpartners.com/getting-ahead-business-10-valuable-lessons-learned-career/


Thank you.

Women’s Coming to Power

If China and India each represent 1 billion emerging participants in the global marketplace, then this group; which we will call the “power group” is made up of women, in both developing and industrialized nations, whose economic lives have previously been stunted, underleveraged, or suppressed.

These women, who have been living or contributing at a subsistence level, are now entering the mainstream for the first time. We estimate that about 870 million of them will do so by 2020, with the number conceivably passing 1 billion during the following decade. Their presence as economic actors will be widely felt, because they have long been overrepresented in the ranks of subsistence agriculture and other resource-based forms of work.


As they move into knowledge work, in domains ranging from manufacturing to medicine to education to information technology, their sheer numbers will hasten the integration of the regions where they live into the larger economy.


For More: Women’s Coming to Power

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About Closing Oil Derivatives Related Transactions

We at Blackhawk are approached by at least 500 supposed providers and sellers of oil derivative and other crude oil products a year and yet maybe only 2% of such providers have access to real product. Surprised? You shouldn’t be at all.

As you may or may not know, the reality today is that oil buyers are a dime a dozen, real fuel is the issue. The secondary market is for the most part composed of “fake offers” around the world doing a circle jerk on the Internet as people who have the real oil already know where to sell it.

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The Challenges and Opportunities we see in China

The practice of doing business in China has come into question early this year. The disputes between Google Inc. and the Chinese government have been one factor; others have included the continued concerns raised in the West about China’s currency policy, and in China about Western financial policies. Moreover, questions about intellectual property protection in China have not gone away. At the same time, the consumer markets within the country are more vibrant as its pace of growth increases, and Chinese businesses are becoming innovative, fierce competitors within their country, and increasingly in the world outside. There has never been a time when getting China right is more important — or more difficult.

How do we view China in here at Blackhawk?

What is our investment policy vis a vis China given the increasing tensions that are raising concerns among some businesspeople out there and given our increasing exposure to China through our strategic investments in Linktone and China Security & Surveillance Technology?

It is clear today that no capitalistic entity on Planet Earth can afford to ignore China’s role in global political and business affairs.

Whatever friction there is between US companies and China, I think it is time for us all in the West to step back and try to understand what China means to their business. We also have to understand what China has been achieving over the last couple of decades, since it started its economic reforms. Ignoring China is not an option. The only way any company can take advantage of its massive opportunities is by placing its China activities in a global context — as part of an integrated web of capabilities, including manufacturing, marketing and sales, innovation, new business model incubation, and talent development.

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