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The Way To Wealth: Business & Investing Lessons From a Wall Street Financier

Ziad K Abdelnour latest interview podcast with “Shoulders of Titans ” The Way To Wealth: Business & Investing Lessons From a Wall Street Financier with  Ziad K Abdelnour of www.blackhawkpartners.com..

see interview podcast: www.shouldersoftitans.com/episode/ziad-abdelnour

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What’s it like to be a Billionaire?

Given the nature of my business, I am often asked by friends how does it feel like to deal with billionaires on a daily basis and what really makes them tick. Understanding after all the billionaires psyche is key in unlocking potential not seen anywhere else.

Well for a start…let me tell you that the main thing I realized after starting dealing with billionaires a decade ago is that billionaires tend to be really good at understanding systems of value creation and placing themselves into those systems more effectively than anyone out there.

Billionaires tend in fact to view the world as a tangibly fungible place. They see the world and want to move the puzzle pieces entirely around. They look for the faults in the ecosystem and identify massive holes and what could be added to fully capture that value. Then they spend about 10 years maniacally attacking the gap, organizing people, recruiting and generally creating a “cult”. They create a bible so to speak of values and ideas that bundle together in such an appealing way to attract the smartest people around (aka the future millionaires).


For More: http://ziadabdelnourblackhawk.com/whats-it-like-to-be-a-billionaire/

Due Diligence Is No Mystery

If you ask ten funded entrepreneurs what happened during the VC/private equity due diligence process, you will get ten different answers. Some will say they lost valuable months answering endless questions for groups that never produced a term sheet. Others may admit they gained valuable insights to their business.

I am uncertain when the due diligence process gathered so much mystique, but among entrepreneurs, there is still an urban “myth status” about what happens behind close doors.

We believe it shouldn’t be a mystery. Understanding due diligence improves the information flow between private equity groups and potential entrepreneurs. Better information leads to better investment decisions and better long term partnerships.


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No one asked the Entrepreneurs

The haggling between Democrats and Republicans is over, as President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nearly $800 billion “stimulus” program becomes law and the cash works its way into the economy. But the burning question is: Will it work? Will this “stimulus” bill stimulate the economy?

We have heard endlessly from pundits on both sides of the aisle, from folks who call themselves economists and from politicians of every stripe about the efficacy of this package. But what do business leaders think? What do people in the capital business think? And most important, what do the markets think?


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Creating Wealth In Times of Uncertainty

Worldwide wealth seems to be a bygone concept. But is it? Though the global marketplace is alive and vibrant, oppressive regulations, mismanagement, and outright corruption have damaged wealth creation. But it hasn’t been eliminated. Today’s global marketplace still provides opportunity for discerning investors and companies who are willing to look beyond obstacles of ideology and culture.

There is an old financial adage that says “Capital is coward.” It is true. Capital does not like to be inconvenienced, restricted, or threatened. Those who control capital know there is a choice and can move it to more accommodating environments.

Making money is a sovereign human activity that is universally recognized as a natural right. History clearly shows that governments that have tried to contain, regulate, or otherwise usurp capital have failed. It is the same with brainpower; no one has a monopoly on brainpower. Brainpower creates capital, and capital fuels brainpower.


For More: http://www.realclearmarkets.com/articles/2012/02/09/creating_wealth_in_times_of_uncertainty_99508.html

Bailouts – Reality vs. Fiction

Would Einstein find it insane that the governing elite would encourage the 4 biggest banks, that were the main culprits in creating a worldwide financial collapse, to actually get bigger? The largest banks in the U.S. now control 72% of all the deposits in the country versus 68.5% in 2008.


The Too Big To Fail are now Too Bigger To Fail. Rather than liquidating the bad debts, breaking up the insolvent banks, selling off the good assets to well run banks, firing the executives, and wiping out the shareholders & bondholders foolish enough to invest in these badly run casinos, the powers that be chose to protect their fellow .01% brethren and throw the 99% under the bus.


The Fed’s latest actions in cooperating with foreign central banks to undertake liquidity swaps of dollars for foreign currencies is another reason why Congress needs enhanced power to oversee and audit the Fed.


For More: http://townhall.com/columnists/ziadabdelnour/2012/02/22/bailouts__reality_vs_fiction/page/2

Investment Banker How to Succeed in Challenging Environments

Investment CEO Ziad K Abdelnour and recruiting company founder Dan Mori talk personal tips to making money


Students looking to graduate and jump into the private sector were given a taste of New York’s Wall Street and Binghamton’s Main Street.


Binghamton University’s Graduate Student Organization (GSO), Alumni Association and Enactus, a business-oriented student organization, hosted business entrepreneurs Ziad K Abdelnour and Dan Mori on Saturday in the Old Union Hall.


Mori is president and founder of Employment Solutions, a local staffing and recruiting company, and Abdelnour is president and CEO of Blackhawk Partners Inc., a commodities trading and private investment firm.


For More: Investment Banker How to Succeed in Challenging Environments

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Getting Off the Employee Treadmill

In this third installment of an ongoing series, I explore what people face if they don’t consider going off and starting their own business.

As the stick is a far more effective (if less desired) teacher than the carrot, I’ll cut to the chase. You need to realize how limited, and likely how miserable, your entire life will be if you don’t consider this option.

Of course, most people don’t cross this bridge, and many people have no business trying. The economy needs employees, followers, loyal consumers. I’m just saying that the opinion leaders, the movers and shakers, turned their backs on the path followed by most everyone else. It depends on what you want.

If you want to control your life, to be able to decide what to do, when to do it and with whom to do it, you have to be some sort of entrepreneur. That does not mean being fabulously wealthy, unless you define wealth in a non-monetary sense, that being measured simply as the freedom from control by someone else.

But here is the sticking point. To become and remain an employee, you must always be willing to be controlled. And as control requires dependence, because dependence enhances control, you will quickly end up in a quicksand where your life is Groundhog Day.


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Building a Value Driven Non Profit Business

With so much talk these days about corporate social responsibility, many companies are feeling compelled to jump on the values bandwagon. Because of their agility, small businesses in particular are at the forefront of what is becoming a responsibility revolution.



But, what does it really mean to be a Value Driven Non Profit Business? Simply selling ideas does not classify a company as values-led.



As Founder and President of the Financial Policy Council for the last three years now, a New York not-for-profit corporation tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), here are some tips for succeeding as a social entrepreneur.



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