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Secular Bear Market Is Not Over History

Secular bear markets refer to economic conditions where stocks, real estate, commodities and the general economy are extremely volatile with a downward bias. This is caused by underlying fundamental forces of excesses that were created for long periods of time in the previous growth cycle. Secular bear markets differ from cyclical bear markets due to the fact that they have a long-running (15 to 22 year range) and well established fundamental and cycle driven downward trajectory in markets.


They result in a change of behavior and perception among society towards investments and the financial system.


This article will examine the last two secular bear markets that have occurred in the modern/post industrialized world economy.




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Current Secular Bear Market Is Not Over History Should Be Our Guide

One of the main features of the easy money economy of the Roaring Twenties was that investors could take advantage of investment margin leverage of 90%. This leverage was the fundamental reason behind the sharp run up in stocks, and this leverage left investors susceptible to market selloffs, which would come to pass in later years. All secular bears start by a triggering event that begins the de-leveraging process of the previous growth cycle. The Roaring Twenties, stock market crash and subsequent depression is a perfect example of this.


Similarly, today personal and government debt has once again become a major concern. Included in this is the recent growth in margin debt which illustrates how current personal debt is now exceeding debt levels seen prior to the 2008 fiscal collapse. Since the early 1970’s debt has escalated at a pace like we have never seen before in history.



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Don’t be fooled by what policy makers tell you !!! Read the facts

As part of Blackhawk’s close group of family and friends, we thought we’d share with you some of our most salient views as to the state of the world economy today and what to watch for in case you’re also in the “Wealth Creation” business.

We hope these thoughts will help you better position yourselves in the months and years ahead.

Even if you disagree with our points on the trajectory of where the world is heading, it cannot hurt to understand and prepare for the worst case scenario while still hoping for the best.

So here they are…..

About the markets at large:

Contrary to what the talking heads and pontificating gurus are saying, markets are not out of control, central banks are out of control printing money…and we believe they will never tighten monetary policy again, but merely print, print, and print more as they love to see asset prices go up, and as their policy reflects their desperation to perpetuate the process. As far as we are concerned, we know the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates at 0, precisely 0…in real terms.

About the Federal Reserve:

The lifetime achievement of Greenspan and Bernanke is really that they created a bubble in everything, everywhere. In fact, you have to ask what they were smoking during the housing bubble, as prices were increasing by 18% annually when interest rates started to steadily rise in 2004.

It seems that the tremendous economic Sophism of the day is that a nation can print its way into prosperity. By the same token, if debt and money printing equaled prosperity then Zimbabwe would be the richest country in the world. Go figure if Mugabe is not the economic mentor of Ben Bernanke.

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Ziad K Abdelnour

$500 Million Agreement b/w Blackhawk Partners /Inter-M Traders & Woodside LLC

Blackhawk Partners/Inter-M Traders and Woodside LLC sign a $500 Million Agreement to Fund & Facilitate the purchase and sale of commodities transactions (i.e.: Oil and Gold) and energy projects globally..


Blackhawk Partners/Inter- M Traders; two family offices involved in the physical commodities trading business, are excited to announce that they have signed today a Partnership Agreement with Woodside LLC; a finance provider involved in global physical commodity trading and investments. Blackhawk Partners/Inter-M Traders will secure and provide to the partnership commodities allocation(s) and Woodside LLC will finance the aforementioned transactions alongside highly opportunistic Energy investment projects as well


About Blackhawk Partners
Blackhawk Partners, Inc., led by seasoned financier Ziad K Abdelnour, is one of the world’s most reliable traders and suppliers of a wide range of commodities to industrial and financial consumers globally.


About Inter-M Traders
Inter-M Traders Ltd., led by veteran trader Demetri Michalakis, is a privately operated international trading firm focusing on the physical supply of energy products..


for More .. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/11/prweb11294688.htm

Ziad K Abdelnour – Military Strike in Syria will be a Game Changer

In this podcast, Wall St for Main St interviewed Ziad K Abdelnour on potential military strike in Syria and how it will effect the Federal Reserve monetary policy, the price of oil, gold and silver and the overall economy. Also, Wall St for Main St touched on the subject of the ongoing protest for higher wages in the U.S and across the globe.