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Customer Wallets Are Tight

The unemployment rate in the U.S. may have hit a four year low. U.S. government sources are claiming that the initial claims for unemployment benefits have fallen by 5,000 applications to a seasonally adjusted figure of 348,000; but this doesn’t mean that customers have become more open to spending more money. Yet it is good to hear that employers in the U.S. have created 245,000 jobs per month between December 2011 and February 2012. On the face of it, at least for the short-term, these figures suggest that growth is returning to the U.S. market.


However, Ziad K Abdelnour author of Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation In The Age Of Welfare Politics thinks that, in the long term, the policies of the U.S. government and the U.S. Federal Reserve are going to cause more havoc. In Abdelnour’s view, President Obama’s administration is overly focused on job creation as it attempts to “buy” the country out of recession with increased budget deficits. Abdelnour believes that this is eventually going to damage the U.S. economy because the U.S. government is not concerned with empowering individuals to create growth.


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Defending the Rich from the Author of ‘Economic Warfare’

It is an oft-repeated axiom that a person can learn a whole lot about a society by how it treats its poor; but just as much may be learned by looking at how that same society treats its rich.

Indeed, the economic future of the poor—and our nation—will be determined in the coming decades by how we treat the people in this country who create great wealth. It will be determined by our understanding of the so-called rich and by our need to foster and protect this minority of true wealth creators.

It is an unpopular thing to say…Rich people need help?


Rich people need to be protected?


Rich people a minority?


“Give me a break,” people say. “They just seem to keep getting richer!”


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How to make Money in the Obama age

With our country spinning in a whirlpool of change, it takes some daring to resolve to not only survive, but to thrive. As government chugs along toward its destination of no longer being the friend of the American citizen, it behooves each citizen to take care of himself and his own.


That’s why Ziad K Abdelnour’s new book, “Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics” grabbed my attention. In short, America is the land of opportunity, but it is being run by change agents who want to take your hard-earned money and redistribute it to voting blocs beholden to … the redistributors!



For some time, this reality has created real problems for the most innovative and resourceful Americans. It is also seen in the subtle propaganda in the media, who love to lambast, for example, corporations, in the drive to remake America. The non-discerning (see Movement, Occupy) lap it up and fail to see they are merely dupes.

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Entrepreneur? Or just ‘self-employed’?

By Steve Sipress Just when you thought last month’s non-stop media circus surrounding the largest-ever Mega Millions lottery jackpot was nothing more than a memory, the story is back in the news again, now that the final winner has come forward to claim the remaining one-third share of the record $656 million prize.

One popular routine used by the news media every time there’s a large lottery prize about to be won is the obligatory “man on the street” interview session with people waiting in line to buy tickets. There might as well be a script, because the questions – and answers – are basically the same every single time it’s done: The reporter shoves a microphone in front of an excited ticket buyer’s face and asks the classic question, “What will you do if you win?” The immediate response is almost always the same: “I’ll quit my job.” (Sometimes there are slight variations, such as “I certainly won’t go in to work tomorrow – that’s for sure!”) The politicians must not be watching any of this, because all they keep talking about is creating more jobs.


A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law Lisa took a full week off from work to spend time with my beautiful wife, Michele, and their mother while I attended a business conference


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“Economic Warfare” is a Revolution at the Right Time

“The words that come to mind after reading this book are courage and truth. The question is, do you have the courage to hear the truth? Economic Warfare rips the lid off the story of the century- that our country has been embezzled and defrauded by a cabal of Ivy League gangsters, greedy bankers, financial terrorists, and vulture capitalists. They managed to turn Wall Street and the banking system into a combination of craps game, shell game, and Ponzi scheme- all set up for the benefit of the few (bankers), to be subsidized by the many (taxpayers). Bernanke, Rubin, Paulson, Summers- all the star swindlers are exposed in Economic Warfare. This is the book the bankers, hedge fund managers, and D.C. political insiders fear.”


Wayne Allyn Root

CEO, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author of Conscience of a Libertarian Former Vice-Presidential candidate and Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee


“”Economic Warfare” is a revolution at the right time. This book is not just about exposing our complex financial culture but a true inspiration.”


Stephen M. Thompson, Ph.D.

Editor, OpenBeast – www.OpenBeast.com Author: Land of Opportunity Forever

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Wealth Redistribution & Economic Warfare

I am appalled by the level of stupidity coming from both Washington and Main Street rationalizing that if the top 1% of income generating people out there had less, then the remaining 99% would be better off….How far this is from the truth.

Frankly, I believe making the 1% suddenly poorer does not make the 99% suddenly richer. In fact, it just creates an environment that will make the 99% poorer.

This isn’t ancient times where the obscenely rich lord keeps a cellar full of gold while his vassals starve. The wealth of today’s rich is constantly working in the economy.


If they put it in a bank, that provides capital that the bank can use to provide mortgage, car, and student loans to the 99% and hence improves their lot.


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The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well – Ziad K Abdelnour

Basic honesty is a must. A person must be able and willing to tell the truth. Moreover, they must tell it quickly, uncompromisingly and fully.  A simple question must elicit a simple answer. Any defensiveness, any protestations of the question you ask, should raise a red flag and get you ready to pull the chute on the proverbial parachute. A simple question should never result in a crooked answer, and such an answer is an indication that you may even be dealing with a crook. In any event, your life should not be about tolerating excuses.

The prospect of supporting someone, through investments, loans or your patronage, who does not reciprocate the respect you show them or which is customarily in a civilized society should be appalling, even infuriating, to you. In fact, your own business and reputation virtually requires you to dissociate from anyone acting in this manner.  Worse, in a world where people are increasingly suspicious and afraid of being unable to detect a good salesman from a fraud, the temptation is to “pull the trigger” quickly on anyone with a dent and misjudge or prejudge people based on nothing but their company.


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We have the attention span of a 3 year old – Economic Warfare


If we can turn around the tide at the next Presidential elections, I believe there is a very bright future ahead of us. If not, I am afraid we are in for an even bumpier road.


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“The FED itself is a private bank cartel…”

By Ziad K Abdelnour