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Start Reducing our National Debt – Ziad K Abdelnour

I say that the Republicans should call Obama’s bluff.


Obama and the Democrats can’t afford to let the government shut down.


It is the Democrats, not Republicans, who have doubled our national debt in the four plus years Obama has been in office.


It is his policies that have resulted in trillion dollar deficits each year, and it is the Democrats who continue funding failing ventures (Solyndra, etc.).


The biggest boondoggle of all, Obamacare, was passed without a single Republican vote.


It will be difficult for Obama and the Democrats to argue that the Republicans are the ones responsible for our economic problems.


I say it is time to start balancing our budget, stop borrowing, and start reducing our national debt.


The Republicans need to stand firm.


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Ziad K Abdelnour

Who believe al-Qaeda will rule Syria after Assad – Ziad K Abdelnour

Any idiot – starting even with the Harvard educated bozos from the media – who believe al-Qaeda will rule Syria after Assad knows little if anything about Syria. Experts or not, they are CLUELESS.


Let me provide you with some basic facts to clear up your brainwashed mind.


Syria’s literacy rate is 84.1%, with males accounting for 90.3% and females for 77.7% in a population of almost 23 million.


Afghanistan’s literacy rate is 28.1% with males accounting for 43.1% and females for 12.6% (Yr. 2000 estimates) in a population of over 31 million.


Syria’s non-Muslims account for 26% and if you add the liberal Kurds, estimated at 15%, Syria’s minorities are well above 41% or 9,400,000 Syrians.


Look what happened in Egypt with only a 16% minorities of the population.


Afghanistan’s non-Muslim minorities are 1% or 310,000 Afghani citizens.


The majority of Sunni Muslims in Syria are liberal-minded with many high officials serving the Assad murderous regime. They stand by Assad because of their political ideology, not because of Sunni Islam. As Nazis abandoned their ideology when they were defeated, so will the Ba’athists abandon theirs when the US makes-up its mind to defeat Iran by defeating Assad. All the liberal Sunnis will stand-up to al-Qaeda with the same fervor we all stand against Assad today.


There were no minorities serving in the Taliban Government of Mullah Omar. Check this fact only if you believe the sun will not rise tomorrow.


On top, Syrians can rely on the March 14 Movement in Lebanon, the Jordanian Government, and the liberal Iraqis for support in defeating any traces of al-Qaeda after Assad.


There is a reason why Osama bin Laden selected Afghanistan to become the base of his operations and why today’s al-Qaeda is tilting towards Yemen, a country with a population profile closer to Afghanistan than Syria.


The children and the women Assad gassed were not poor illiterate peasants. They happen to be very well educated because Syrians understand the value of an education. They died because Assad intends to cleanse Sunni Muslims by gassing them all if necessary, and without Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, hundreds of thousands would have perished by now.


Wake up for a change before it’s too late.


If we can’t stop Syria on chemical weapons how will we stop Iran on nuclear weapons? Limited strike is no option. Only option is regime change. The West’s reaction on the Syrian front shouldn’t be perceived as a litmus test regarding how we can expect the U.S. and other Western countries to react if and when Iran is on the verge of attaining nuclear weapon capability. A nuclear capability would embolden Tehran to seize control of the Straits of Hormuz and unleash a nuclear arms race. Possessing a nuclear bomb would radically augment Iran’s political influence – and the influence of its terrorist proxies – as well as making it nearly impervious to international pressure. The West has a clear, vested interest in preventing this from happening.


I have no idea what they teach you at Harvard but it is clearly not worth anything….. It all starts with Syrian regime change.


Ziad K Abdelnour