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Tips for Owners Seeking for Private Equity Investments by Ziad K Abdelnour

Asking for money from private equity investors such as ourselves, here are some practical private equity investment tips to keep in mind:


Continually take temperature. Only 5-10% of entrepreneurs I work with ask closing questions like: Have I answered all of your key questions? Or, even better: How do I compare with the other 100 business plans on your desk and what is the likelihood we’ll reach serious due diligence? Get to the truth early. Waste no time.


Course-correct based on feedback. Chances are objections you hear at one private equity group will be concerns at another. Incorporate the feedback you hear-either by adding it or refuting it. Think of this feedback as sparring practice. It is like training that makes you stronger in fighting real challengers to your success.


Conduct your own due diligence. This process is the foundation for the long term partnership. Experienced entrepreneurs know that the investor relationship is akin to marriage.


Finally, don’t sign the deal unless you can comfortably answer the question: Will they be a good partner when things don’t go according to plan? Because we all know, they never do



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Creating Wealth in Today’s Economy Ziad K Abdelnour

International dealmaker, Ziad K Abdelnour talks about the various rebels he has learnt from. He read over 300 biographies and even got to meet some of these rebels.


Ziad talks about that to be the best at what you do you need to think “outside the cube’, this is essentially what a ‘rebel’ does.


Ziad K Abdelnour personally invests in very few companies and talks about how important it is to not only know the product but the people that run the company. Things do go wrong in business, but if you have a good team they can turn things around.