The 10 Most Valuable Lessons I Have Learned Over My Career

I thought of sharing these nuggets of wisdom with all of our fans at Blackhawk hoping that one day it will make a difference in the lives of many.

I can only imagine how going up the corporate ladder or building one’s own company is challenging these days – and this to say the least.

Every time you hit a wall, it seems that you can do nothing right. But I just want you to understand that top performers don’t think like this. They take everything they go through (good and bad times) as a learning experience. From rejection and failures, you’ll only get better, the moment you choose to move on.

And this applies especially when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, you’ll face many roadblocks. But that is what you should aim for, because without it being uncomfortable, or as some say unfamiliar, you will never grow.

Just as all companies focus on growth, I’ve learned that the best asset to put effort in is my personal growth. Create your professional career in such a way that it is helping you grow the most.

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Ziad K. Abdelnour is President & CEO of Blackhawk Partners, Inc., a New York based private equity ”family office” that focuses on originating, structuring, advising and acting as equity investor in management-led buyouts, strategic minority equity investments, equity private placements, consolidations, buildups, and growth capital financing's in companies and projects based both in the US and emerging markets.