Middle East Christian Conundrum and the Need for a US Awakening

It is a fact that we are witnessing today a major metamorphosis in the makeup of Islamic powers in the Middle East that threatens to destabilize the region and the world.  After WWII, the Middle East emerged from imperial rule giving rise to self-rule by the individual countries.  Unfortunately, many of these countries were not ready for self-rule, and quickly became dictatorships that abused their people forcing many of them into the arms of religious zealots.

Trillions of Petrodollars have been spent to spread the Wahhabi radical Islamic teachings over the past four decades, tolerated by the West for too long as a means to counter Soviet Influence in the region. This process has also contributed directly and indirectly to the rise of the Mullahs in Iran. However, the radicalizations process did not stop with the down fall of the Soviet Union, but rather accelerated with weakening of the dictators, leading to the global threat we face today.

In a nutshell, the Middle East today is made up of unstable autocratic regimes that can collapse at any moment, and populations that are by and large highly radicalized.  With ISIS losing ground in Iraq and Syria, the zealots will seek refuge among hardline Islamic communities in other countries. It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine a scenario where many of the Gulf monarchies start falling one after the other and get replaced by openly Islamist rule and Sharia law.

Radical Islam, is arguably the most insidious of ideologies our planet has ever faced.  Like other threats of the past including Nazism, Communism and Fascism, they are not content to just rule, but aim to eliminate in the most brutal ways anyone who does not agree with them and will not rest until they impose their ideology all over the world or be fully eradicated.

Unlike political ideologies, Radical Islam invokes the will of God and addresses a population that is indoctrinated to obey that will. This allows the movement to reach deeper into society than any other, silence the majority, and bring brutal retribution towards any detractors.

Moderate Moslems are hard pressed to counter the extremely well-funded, armed and determined zealots. But religious minorities are the ones at real risk of annihilations as we have seen in Iraq and parts of Syria.






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